Photos of the Tour at the 23rd August Reunion for Terrace Year 1974-1978.
St Joseph's College , Gregory Terrace

The photos below are presented as miniaturized versions only.
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1. Paintings in the brothers' quarters: old distinguished headmasters

2. Paintings in the brothers' quarters: old distinguished headmasters

3. The Old boys gather round to hear that the last of the brothers have finally left the school.

4. The view of the brothers quarters: bookcases

5. The new Terrace chapel, with seating for over 200, very important in courses such as the new "pastoral" care education being introduced.

6. Another view of the old Terrace Chapel.

7. Steve Hambleton, Peter Torbey in the chapel.




11. The Terrace tour guide tells us how much education has changed at Terrace.

12. The auditorium tour

13. Steven Ganko and Paul Twomey.


15. A view of the lecture room , auditorium from down the back near the door.

16. Steve Mullins ( used to be the little bloke with blond hair), Dean Merlo, Ernest O'Rourke

17. The tree by the front gate at Terrace: They got rid of the old industrial rubbish bin that used to stand here, and have made the whole entry a lot more inviting. The tree still seems to be doing well, thirty years down the track.

18. Now a building housing the swimming pool where the school assembly used to be in the building under the library.

19. At the side of the old grade 8.4 classroom / grade 9.3. classrooms and science rooms. now a cross raised at the side of the building and the street only a memory.

20. The school entry way (front gate), now substantially upgraded and tidied up.

21. The old grade 8 classrooms, surprisingly not condemned and made to look even reasonably attractive.

22. The old stairwell, renovated and replaced

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